Public-Private Partnerships

DMV has been the lead support provider to the Commonwealth Government across the ongoing operations of all its Public-Private Partnership (PPP) contracts, worth in excess of $6bn.

DMV continues to advise and assist in the ongoing contract administration and management of these Commonwealth PPPs, including the delivery of financial budget models, performance regimes, accounting treatments, best practice guidelines and managing contract amendments and modifications.

Commonwealth PPP Guidance

DMV Consulting drafted the Commonwealth’s PPP Financial Management Guides (FMG 17-19), being:

• Business Case Development (FMG 17)
• Risk Management (FMG 18)
• Contract Management (FMG 19)
• Draft Discount Rate Methodology paper

The aim of the guides was to provide practical advice on the steps involved in compiling a business case, undertaking risk and contract management for a Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) project in line with the Australian Government Policy Principles for the Use of Public-Private Partnerships (the PPP Principles).

Key inclusions within the FMG suite included:

• Interim and Final Business Case Development
• Procurement Obligations
• Public Sector Comparator and Discount Rate Development
• Market Testing and Tender Evaluation
• Value for Money and Sensitivity (Quantitative) Analysis
• Risk Management, including risk identification, evaluation, mitigation, treatment and transfer and Risk Register development
• Contract Management issues, private financing fund providers (Debt and Equity) and project contractors (design, construction and operations)

These guides have now been incorporated into the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities & Regional Development’s National Public Private Partnership Policy Framework guidance papers.

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