Progressive, innovative, client-focused consulting firm, with a large, diverse client base across all levels of Government.
Engagement with our customers, training and the sharing and transfer of knowledge and skills.
A wide spectrum of International, Commonwealth, State, Territory and local government clients.

DMV Consulting

Delivering professional services across all levels of Government

We have a continuous improvement culture, and our success is attributable to delivering professional and reliable service that meets or exceeds our client’s expectations.

Our philosophy is to work with our clients to ensure they achieve their objectives and outcomes.

How we work

Our team brings a long track record of demonstrated skills in delivering high quality business advisory, commercial management and service delivery outcomes across government, which are delivered on time and within budget.  Our team understands the nature of working within secure operational environment and have collected experience within a wide range of highly secure Commonwealth Agencies.

DMV Consulting is both aware and compliant with reporting and communications requirements. DMV is committed to ensuring communication and reporting deliverables can meet the business need and are tailored to each individual Client as required to align to current and future project requirements. To provide an effective, efficient and responsive service to our clients DMV Consulting applies the principals of continual service improvement. Our focus on working with the client is based on a constant cycle of assessing and reviewing our clients need, so we can as a team; plan, execute and deliver on the client’s priorities.

Engagement with our clients, training and the sharing and transfer of knowledge and skills is an important element of DMV Consulting’s workplace philosophy, and a critical component of our value for money service delivery.


Gathering data

On commencement we will seek to confirm the details specified in our proposal with you for inclusion in planning, including confirmation of sponsor and key stakeholders, engagement requirements and deliverables.



We continue to gather information through interviews and review of documentation, gaining a deeper understanding of the Client environment and where relevant, we make reference to legislative requirements and Client policies and frameworks.



In this stage we carry out the agreed detailed plan. Our work is executed through a combination of stakeholder interviews, review of documentation, observation of processes in operation and evidence-based testing.



In this stage a draft and final report paper is developed to outline all issues noted, their implications, and any recommended actions to address them.

Expert services for Government

If the plan doesn’t work – change the plan, not the goal.

Our team’s past performance has proven that we have demonstrated strengths in establishing and managing productive relationships and communications so that there are no surprises at the end of the day; producing high quality, well-structured service outcomes and developing value-add recommendations that keep the Client at front of mind.  The team has demonstrated value to its clients as evidenced by the award in recent years of a substantial amount of managed service work across the Public Sector.

DMV Consulting

Delivering professional services to Government

DMV Consulting aims for continuous improvement in service delivery performance, be that through our own research or in strategic agreement with our clients

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